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10++ 10++ 10++ 10++ (Plays: 3897)
Somebody once said that 3 is a magic number. They clearly know nothing, or this game would have been called 3++. It's 10 all the way.
25 Boxes 25 Boxes 25 Boxes 25 Boxes (Plays: 7320)
Put your peripheral vision to the test! Search for numbers, letters or symbols, and point to the box where they fit.

3D Logic 3D Logic 3D Logic 3D Logic (Plays: 4063)
Connect squares of the same colour, but without cutting yourself off to join up another pair. The deeper you get into the levels, the harder it gets and the more pairs of colours there are to connect.
Assembler 3 Assembler 3 Assembler 3 Assembler 3 (Plays: 3636)
Get the green box into the green outline. That's it. That's all you have to do. But what's this? The green outline moves to ridiculously awkward places? Looks like you're going to have to use some shapes to create a platform for our green box.

Assembler 4 Assembler 4 Assembler 4 Assembler 4 (Plays: 3428)
Use different objects and instruments to get the green shape into the green box. You are able to move the wooden shapes to help you do this!

Bathroom Simulator Bathroom Simulator Bathroom Simulator Bathroom Simulator (Plays: 13491)
If you're a bloke, this is potentially the most valuable information you will ever receive - no more confusion about where to piss in a public urination facility.

Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 (Plays: 2623)
The three miners must work as a team in order for them all to make it safely to the exit!
Blosics Blosics Blosics Blosics (Plays: 4024)
Hold down your mouse to increase the size of the ball that you are about to send hurtling into a pile of blocks. Disturb the formation of blocks enough to leave them at the mercy of gravity - for every block that falls off the screen you will gain...

Blosics 2 Blosics 2 Blosics 2 Blosics 2 (Plays: 4517)
You don't need a physics degree to see what's going on here. Use as much (or as little) force as you want to send the ball hurtling into the blocks. Green blocks that fall over the edge will gain you points, red ones will lose them.

Bloxorz Bloxorz Bloxorz Bloxorz (Plays: 5315)
As the saying goes, any hole's a goal. However, you only have one hole to aim for and a very narrow path to get there on.
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