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Action Turnip is all about non-stop action! Play in Run'N'Gun mode or Turnabalt mode.
Alien Guard Alien Guard Alien Guard Alien Guard (Plays: 3376)
Shoot the aliens before they reach you to keep yourself alive! Jump and duck to give yourself vital extra time to blow them to pieces in.
Bloodshade Bloodshade Bloodshade Bloodshade (Plays: 3360)
The price of gold is on the rise these days, so it's no surprise the Evil Horca is sending his loyal soldiers to steal the Arcanian gold. Can you, as Bloodshade, prevent the thieves from walking off with all that precious gold?
Boomstick Boomstick Boomstick Boomstick (Plays: 3970)
Who needs fancy enemies to shoot at when you've got a gun? Just blow the geometric shapes flying above you to pieces, making sure you have a healthy amount of ammo to get along with.

Boxhead Boxhead Boxhead Boxhead (Plays: 3472)
Kill the zombies, save the citizens. Starting in Boxville, spill as much zombie blood as you wish using a whole spectrum of different weapons. Mind not to shoot your citizens though, they don't tend to take bullets that well.
Boxhead - 2Play Rooms Boxhead - 2Play Rooms Boxhead - 2Play Rooms Boxhead - 2Play Rooms (Plays: 7153)
Fed up of murdering hoards of zombies by yourself? Well now 2 of you can do it together. Play in co-op mode, or alternatively blow eachother to pieces in deathmatch. Or if you're on your larry then good old single player will do.
Boxhead - More Rooms Boxhead - More Rooms Boxhead - More Rooms Boxhead - More Rooms (Plays: 5417)
Can you massacre enough zombies to propel yourself onto the highscores table? Probably not - some of these internet bods are mad. Anyhow, try out the nightmare difficulty level, AfroPoodle didn't sleep for weeks after trying that one.
Boxhead - The Rooms Boxhead - The Rooms Boxhead - The Rooms Boxhead - The Rooms (Plays: 3897)
Face zombies from all directions. Use strategically placed barrels to your advantage, which could significantly reduce your workload. Also you can now choose from 5 different settings and 8 different weapons. Mouse at the ready - some serious clic...
Boxhead - Zombie Wars Boxhead - Zombie Wars Boxhead - Zombie Wars Boxhead - Zombie Wars (Plays: 5626)
Getting tired of the same old Boxhead scenery of a beige floor and white barrels? So was AfroPoodle, I can only see in black and white. Now you can appreciate the luxury of spilling blood on some lush green grass. Ahh the joys.
Cold Crime Cold Crime Cold Crime Cold Crime (Plays: 27766)
A sniper has shot dead your Mayor. Shoot your way through dozens of stickmen to help the police try and find him.
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